Holiday Party Wardrobe Guide

Post Halloween and especially after Thanksgiving hits there is a constant opportunity for Holiday parties for anyone with even modest social and/or professional circles. It’s a great time of year to add a touch of glam to an otherwise mundane wardrobe routine. As you’ll see in the up-coming Manifesto, however, we at The Fashion Cult don’t support impulse are trend-driven shopping. Instead, pull together these five basic wardrobe staples to make the season stylish and special.

Essentials include a classic cocktail dress, precious earrings, a decorative clutch, bright or shiny shoes, and a special fragrance. See the full holiday party wardrobe guide at TheFashionCult.com.

Wardrobe Tips: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

We may not like to admit it to ourselves, but it can’t be denied: summer is coming to a close. Pretty soon bare arms and flip flops from sun up to sun down just aren’t going to cut it. As the sunny season fades and fall comes rushing in, we all start looking for ways to cover up but still be cute. But if you’re like most people, you don’t get your new season wardrobe in one fell swoop. Rather, you gradually build new pieces into your existing selections. So before you pack away all ALL your summer gear, have a look at the following tips to help stretch your summer wardrobe into the fall season.

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Updating the Grace Kelly Look

Lately there’s been a surge of renewed interest in the late Grace Kelly. The actress-turned Princess of Monaco appears on the May 2010 cover of Vanity Fair and retailers like Netaporter.com have recently used her iconic style in their promotional tools. Perhaps most significantly, London’s world-famous V&A museum recently launched exhibit entirely devoted to Grace and her ageless style. The modern interest in the 1950s icon is related to the current trend of returning to the classics. The fashion world seems to be promoting a preference for basics and quiet luxury – a style for which Kelly was the very embodiment. Yet contemporary women who are inspired by the princess don’t have to rely on vintage clothing or reproductions. Rather, they can reference the mid-century elegance with modern, up-to-date options.

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Fitness Fashion: Cute Looks for Your Workout Wardrobe

Designers like Alexander Wang have helped make jersey and fleece a part of the high-fashion pantheon. The result: folks are out paying $400 for sweatpants! Clearly, these styles aren’t actually meant for your morning jog. Yet if you are a fashion fanatic you probably want to maintain a high style standard even when you’re drenched in sweat. There’s no need to look to the runways for cute fitness fashion. Rather, stick to the companies that specialize in creating garments and equipment for exercise. You might be surprised at incredible range of styles available.

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