In the past year I’ve spent more time moderating my blogs than blogging on them. And not, unfortunately, because I have a thriving community of commentors. Rather, because my posts are apparently prime for those pingback trolls doing their best to earn their dollar and a half per hour wages.

“Wow, incredible weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for?” went a recent comment in my moderation queue. Honestly, do people still think this sort of thing works?! Even if the the comment did make it through, how much is to gain from an inbound link from a PR2 site featuring content with little-to-no relevance with your own?

But the fault is mine, I suppose. I set up sites with enthusiastic, but scrape-prone content then checked out to work on client projects for months at a time. And link trolling is a numbers game, after all. Send out 10,000 slices of spam and at least a few percent will take a bite. A decent portion might even take several bites or break out some smooshy white bread and make a sandwich. Blergh.