Content strategy in a decentralized org

Global map with team member icons on every continent

Image via Java CTO Club

About a year ago I wrote a quickstart guide on how to buy Bitcoin. What a difference a year makes! Since then, Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market has taken us all for a rollercoaster ride. Massive losses in price from the all-time high have caused many to lose interest. Those still paying attention, however, have seen that what was lost in market cap was gained product development. What’s come into focus now is the fact that this movement is about so much more than money and the real excitment has just begun.

So after I learned how to buy Bitcoin, I learn how to trade it. And after I made a few trades, I started looking into mining. Then after reading up on mining and tinkering around with a web-based toy or two, I started thinking about how I might earn cryptocurrency, instead of buying or mining it. That’s when I went on the hunt for job in crypto. There weren’t many to match my skills, but I kept digging until I found a wonderful opportunity with Status.im.

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Assertion: Jack in the Box is anti woman.


As if we need more reasons not to eat Jack in the Box, an apparently-not-new commercial (I get most of my TV via the likes of Netflix) has made it blatantly clear that leadership in the company has little to no respect for the skills and talents required of a good social content strategist.

In the commercial a young woman prattles on in “social speak” – complete with spoken hashtags & misappropriated slang – while the company mascot stands by in utter incomprehension. Yet it’s not the bubble head that is portrayed as the ditz, it’s the woman whom the company has ostensibly hired to manage the brands dialogue with the public online. More