Holiday Party Wardrobe Guide

Post Halloween and especially after Thanksgiving hits there is a constant opportunity for Holiday parties for anyone with even modest social and/or professional circles. It’s a great time of year to add a touch of glam to an otherwise mundane wardrobe routine. As you’ll see in the up-coming Manifesto, however, we at The Fashion Cult don’t support impulse are trend-driven shopping. Instead, pull together these five basic wardrobe staples to make the season stylish and special.

Essentials include a classic cocktail dress, precious earrings, a decorative clutch, bright or shiny shoes, and a special fragrance. See the full holiday party wardrobe guide at

Suno is ‘The new Dries’

According to Matches womenswear buyer Georgina Gainza, fledging NYC brand Suno is the new Dries Van Noten. Gainza tweeted the above in response to her colleauge, Fashion Director Bridget Cosgrove’s tweet that the London retailer had just bought pieces from Suno’s Spring 2011 collection. The placement at Matches will mark the label’s first availability outside of the U.S. See looks from the collection below.

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TFC Fashion Gig Tipsheet: August 2010

Fashion Jobs

“Living in Alabama and telling someone you want to pursue a career in fashion is like telling your parents that you’re planning your financial future around winning the Florida lottery. They just look at each other and sigh”.

The above cute quip from contributor Mary Caitlin Ward. Read the rest of her charming article about breaking into the fashion biz despite small town roots here. *Caveat: Ward hasn’t actually “broken” into the industry just yet (she’s a student), but she’s a great writer and has sound advice beyond her years.

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