A Fashion Lover’s Movie Playlist

There are several things that make a movie fun to watch – the actors, the music and of course the story. But if you’re a fashion lover the costumes of the film have the potential to make an otherwise dull movie shine. Add the following movies from the past several decades to your playlist for some style inspiration.

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The Debate Continues: Elle Editors Discuss Fashion Blogs

Many editors and fashion followers would agree. Buy why, then, do we continue to see 17-year-old models as the ambassadors for brands that for all practical purposes are best suited to women in their 40s and 50s? Perhaps the traditional fashion media should bear some of the responsibility for creating the monster they now buck against. Rampant youth obsession is pervasive in the industry and is now reflected in a blog boom where the biggest stars are 13 (and look 10).

Rest the rest at the FashionStake blog.

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Cruise Collections Call for a Revised Fashion Calendar

From the FashionStake blog, a brief discussion of the fashion/retail calendar and whether is needs modernizing:

For the new generation of fashion followers, who see new collections the very moment that editors and buyers do, seasonal influences and trends are getting all muddled. Further, what happens when the public mood changes from the time clothes are shown to the time they hit the stores? Any American that was older then ten in 2001 certainly knows what that feels like. Isn’t fashion suppose to have it’s finger on the pulse?

Read the rest here. FashionStake is a soon-to-launch Website devoting to funding emerging fashion designers via crowd-funding. Find out how they plan to “democratize fashion.”


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