Managing Freelancer Success – Will the oDesk-Elance Merger Help?

freelancer success

There are some that use freelancer platforms for the purpose of earning a bit of extra cash. For a growing number, though, the work found on sites like oDesk and Elance (my two most used) are not just side gigs – they are part of – or wholly – the source of full-time employment. Accordingly, it’s becoming more important that these platforms offer ways for freelancers to evaluate potential clients, just as they are themselves evaluated.

The recently announced merger between the above mentioned companies has, predictably, caused a stir amongst the community of online workers – and the general timber is not a happy one. The loudest cries I’ve heard come from More

Assertion: Jack in the Box is anti woman.


As if we need more reasons not to eat Jack in the Box, an apparently-not-new commercial (I get most of my TV via the likes of Netflix) has made it blatantly clear that leadership in the company has little to no respect for the skills and talents required of a good social content strategist.

In the commercial a young woman prattles on in “social speak” – complete with spoken hashtags & misappropriated slang – while the company mascot stands by in utter incomprehension. Yet it’s not the bubble head that is portrayed as the ditz, it’s the woman whom the company has ostensibly hired to manage the brands dialogue with the public online. More

Interior Style: Work-Life Balanced Office Spaces

If you’re new to a work-from-home lifestyle, you might still be relishing the freedom to work from the couch in your sweats, or at the kitchen table in your PJs. It doesn’t take long, however, before these purported luxuries become a real drag and you start longing for the ergonomic advantages of an office setting. Yet if you have an aesthetically driven career (or personality, in general) the thought of working in stereotypical office is purely terrifying. More

Highlights from Fashion Tech Week 2013

fashion tech week ft west coast leather
PHOTO: Onlookers admire a model in head-to-toe snakeskin during a presentation by West Coast Leather.

#FTW13. There were several hashtags circulating in association with Fashion Tech Week 2013, but I chose the quickest to type. Others, though probably more transparent for the uninitiated, lacked elegance and specificity. And in any case, FTW13 better echoes how I feel about my decision to relocate to the city of San Francisco: win. More

Spring Jewlery Trends 2012

With fashion month having just wrapped up, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking forward to Fall 2012. However, the spring season of 2012 is officially here! That means it’s time to cycle back a bit and look at what we want to wear right now. And since no wardrobe is complete without the finishing touches, we’ve got to look to what’s hot in the jewelry world for spring 2012.

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New Fashion & Beauty Social Network Site Gives Friends a Place to Give and Get Advice liberates users to express their “only me” style instead of chasing the “me too” of fashion

PR Newswire

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Starting September 8, thousands will gather at the world’s fashion capitals for the bi-annual extravaganza that is Fashion Week. Many more will have a virtual presence, using laptops and mobile devices to view and discuss the styles coming down the runway. Even with the integration of high tech and high fashion, a phenomenon dubbed Fashion 2.0, there continues to be a disconnect between imaginative designs and personal style. Fashion and beauty sites either suggest fantasy ensembles that wouldn’t fit most people, or they use simple-minded quizzes that produce fashion tips that are inaccurate, too generic or too overwhelming. More

2011 Color(s) of the Year

Color experts Pantone, ICI, and Benjamin Moore have chosen their colors of their year for 2011. Find out how shades of these colors are appearing in fashion.

Minimalism has ruled fashion lately, and with it neutral colors like camel, grey, black, and white have dominated. The serious mood descended upon the world of apparel as the global economy hit some turbulence. Wisely, designers, brands, and fashion consumers turned to staple items in durable colors as sensible choices. The economic climate has still got some clearing to do, but it seems folks have seen the light at the end of the downturn tunnel. And for fashion that light is colored a sweet, citrus yellow. More

[POLL]: Does Pre-Fall Need a New Name?

As we speak designers around the world are rolling out Pre-Fall collections for 2011, but unless you are looking for them you aren’t likely to see much coverage. The collections are often shown presentation style and sans the flashy events and parties that many have come to associate with fashion shows. So it’s easy to see why these new offerings don’t garner mass attention. Designer Michael Kors, however, has another theory on why people don’t drool over Pre-Fall fare.

“Everyone knows now that resort is important, but because the name ‘pre-fall’ is so ugly no one wants to acknowledge that these are the clothes you actually put in your closet,” said Kors. The sportswear king also lamented the premature wearing of heavy winter items at fashion week, saying the Pre-Fall items are more appropriate to the occasion. “You see everyone in the front row bundled in furs and tweeds in September and it looks insane!”

Above: Pre-Fall looks from (L to R) Pringle of Scotland, Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu, Reed Krakoff, and Elie Tahari. Read the rest of the above article and take the poll at the FashionStake Blog