Color experts Pantone, ICI, and Benjamin Moore have chosen their colors of their year for 2011. Find out how shades of these colors are appearing in fashion.

Minimalism has ruled fashion lately, and with it neutral colors like camel, grey, black, and white have dominated. The serious mood descended upon the world of apparel as the global economy hit some turbulence. Wisely, designers, brands, and fashion consumers turned to staple items in durable colors as sensible choices. The economic climate has still got some clearing to do, but it seems folks have seen the light at the end of the downturn tunnel. And for fashion that light is colored a sweet, citrus yellow. Read the full report at’s Live in Full Color blog

When a fashion brand makes a piece in several colors, there are a handful of standards that tend to get made. These include neutrals like black, white, and grey as well as classic colors like red and yellow. For 2011, however, a deep burgundy color is showing up among the standards. Read the full report at’s Live in Full Color blog

The past decade has been dominated by the color blue. Of course when you’re a color fanatic, blue is not just blue. According to color experts Pantone, shades of blue have shown up as the biggest color of the year several times in the noughties. Variations moved from aqua sky, to blue iris, to turquoise, to the cerulean immortalized “The Devil Wears Prada.” As we step into the new decade, however, the forecast has turned toward a rosier hue. A vibrant and sweet pink that’s not just pink, it’s Honeysuckle. Read the full report at’s Live in Full Color blog