Spring Jewlery Trends 2012

With fashion month having just wrapped up, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking forward to Fall 2012. However, the spring season of 2012 is officially here! That means it’s time to cycle back a bit and look at what we want to wear right now. And since no wardrobe is complete without the finishing touches, we’ve got to look to what’s hot in the jewelry world for spring 2012.

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2011 Color(s) of the Year

Color experts Pantone, ICI, and Benjamin Moore have chosen their colors of their year for 2011. Find out how shades of these colors are appearing in fashion.

Minimalism has ruled fashion lately, and with it neutral colors like camel, grey, black, and white have dominated. The serious mood descended upon the world of apparel as the global economy hit some turbulence. Wisely, designers, brands, and fashion consumers turned to staple items in durable colors as sensible choices. The economic climate has still got some clearing to do, but it seems folks have seen the light at the end of the downturn tunnel. And for fashion that light is colored a sweet, citrus yellow. More

Fall Trends 2010: Transitional Clothing

The Fall 2010 Runway shows were months ago, so Eighty Jane has put together a series of refresher articles on the trends to watch for the audience.

ABOVE: Fall 2010 Runway Looks from Betsey Johnson, Diesel, & Karen Walker

“Another thing we like to do on the weekend is go shopping. So today we’ll focus on the Fall trends that can be found in the current summer sales going on everywhere online and in brick and mortar stores. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of deep discounts, but if you have a game plan, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Note these trends to guide you toward pieces that’ll easily coast into fall.”

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Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Jewelry Trends

During the warm months of spring and summer accessories are very important. Because clothing is fewer and skimpier, items like your jewelry have a better shot at taking center stage in your overall look. Accordingly, the bling and baubles you choose during these seasons are as important as your dresses and shoes. Check out this trend report to help you navigate the hottest fashion jewelry styles for Spring/Summer 2010.

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